Soft-Tec™ Superior Model Scale Control/ Water Conditioner


The Soft-Tec® Scale Control / Water Conditioner system combines a chemical filter with a scale control system, providing your household with chemical-free water and no scale buildup on fixtures and appliances.

The chemical filter removes most volatile and organic chemicals, including chlorine, chloramines, and other volatile and industrial chemicals.  The result:  better tasting water, free of potentially dangerous chemicals.

The Soft-Tec ® also ensures that essential minerals are no longer removed from the water. Dishes, glassware & silverware are spotless and cleaner and appliances using water such as dishwasher, clothes washer, water heaters, ice makers, etc. last longer and are more efficient, as scale has been controlled.

No chemicals, salt or otherwise, are required to operate the system.

5 Year Warranty.


Easy setup & installation
No electrical power required
No drain or waste water
Bypass valve
No maintenance or repairs
No backwash which lowers water consumption
No water softening salt to purchase
5 Year Warranty
Note: No electrical power required, eliminates all unnecessary water usage and no water softening salt to purchase. All these cost savings only come with a Soft-Tec™ – No Salt Water Softening System


Soft-Tec™ Scale Control/ Water Conditioner from Excalibur Water Systems


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